Privacy policy for Uptime-Client (Version 0.1 / 2.1 / 2.2)

In this project a small client program detects the uptime of your system and sends it to Project Server. The client collects and transmits only the following data:

• Login information of this Project (username / password)
• Your system uptime
• The client version
• Operating system and version

Only this information is stored in a database. No other information is being collected or evaluated, the forwarding of raw data is absolutely excluded.

the statistically processed data is displayed publicly in the rankings as well as your user profile

Personal data

Except your username / password / email No other personal information is stored. The optional "freestyle text" allows you to display information about your used PC in your profile. If you use this additional feature, this data is also stored in the database. By save a blank text field, you can delete this information at any time.

Your e-mail address

Your specified e-mail address will not be published if you not itself have this option enabled in the user area. The address is used only to reactivate the account for the case you have forgotten your password.
System messages by does not take place, newsletters are not planned.

If you have any questions in this regard, I am happy to assist you any time!