Uptime24.net - what's the Uptime-Project about?

The Uptime-Project is a Fun-Project. Using our service you can collect all your uptime-data (your computer's uptime) and compete against other users.

okSystem stability and reliability fairs!
okGraphical representation of their own uptime! (for example email/forum signatures)
ok100% free! Sign up now!

For more detailes please see the manual.

Explanation: Uptime

»What is "uptime?"

Uptime is defined as the uninterrupted running time of a computer.
This is a confirmation for the owner/administrator that its system runs over a long period safe, stable and without incident. (Hardware/software)
Whether the PC during this time has a connection to the Internet, is irrelevant to the SystemUpTime.

Usually only important for servers, but many users are interested at such a "competition" to participate, therefore the possibility to display his current running time in forums signatures and email signatures.

With the advent of the Internet the achievement the greatest possible uptime has developed into a kind of "sport". (source: wikipedia)


Finally, I wish all users good luck and great uptimes! For questions, please contact our support forum.