How you can join this project

To participate, please first create a user account.
After your registration, please download the uptime-client software matching for your operating system, the download area you can find after login.

Enter your user data in the client-software and save it. (Microsoft Windows users have a GUI to configure, Linux Users need to edit the bash-script to save the user data).
Autostart option is recommended, linux-users need to create a crontab for the bash-script (see instructions).

you're done!

As simple as that, in the user area you will find a configurable uptime graphic, which can be used for internet forums or e-mail signatures.
Your uptime ist also displayed in several uptime-rankings (only users that updated their uptime within the last 3 days are displayed).

If you need more help, have questions or suggestions, please use the support forum or send us an email (see imprint).

I wish you much fun with this uptime project! Tell your friends about it!